Need for Funds

Much of the money needed for our efforts of the last five years (gas, website hosting, signs for elections) has been out of the pockets of MOHE's directors. However, it is now very clear that true success requires a commitment to a more sustained effort. That effort needs funds beyond the directors' ability to contribute. There are very few independent organizations working to see that the mechanics of Missouri's elections serve our democracy instead of the needs of equipment vendors and insider political players. Consider joining our election reform effort by showing your support through a financial contribution. When you join, you will be invited to participate in our Yahoo Group online, which provides frequent updates on election integrity-related issues.

Contributions can be sent to MOHE, c/o Phillip Michaels, Treasurer, Missourians for Honest Elections, P.O. Box 16122, St. Louis, MO, 63105. (Note that contributions to MOHE are not tax deductible)