Missourians for Honest Elections

asks for your support of 1490


Why Pass 1490?

HB 1490 will phase out the use of direct-record, touch-screen, vote counting machines (DREs) and shift the state to hand-marked paper ballots.   Why should this legislation be passed?  Because DREs are . . .

It is time for Missouri to join the growing list of states that have recognized the problems and dangers posed by DREs and have made the switch to hand-marked paper ballots.  It would be very easy for us to do this here, because we already have a sufficient number of paper ballot scanners in place throughout the state to handle elections quickly and efficiently.

Bill Language 

HB 1490 proposes the following language (in italics):
115.225. 2.  No electronic voting system shall be approved unless it:  . . .

          (10).  Produces the election results from paper ballots that voters have marked by hand or, in the case of disabled voters who need assistance, from paper ballots that have been marked by paper ballot marking devices designed to assist disabled voters.

              3.  If any election authority uses any direct-record electronic touch-screen vote-counting machine to accommodate disabled voters, the election authority may continue to use such machine solely for disabled voters who desire to use them.  Upon the removal of such voting machine from the election authority’s inventory because of mechanical malfunction, wear and tear, or any other reason, the election authority shall replace such machine with paper ballot marking devices for the disabled.

115.237. 1.  The official ballot shall be a paper ballot that is hand-marked by the voter, or, in the case of disabled voters who need assistance, by a paper ballot-marking device designed to assist the disabled, except as provided in subsection 3 of section 115.225.

Contact Information
Questions?  Contact Cynthia Richards, President, Missourians for Honest Elections, 314-727-6586, crichar03@yahoo.com; or Phillip Michaels, Director, Missourians for Honest Elections, 314-862-3217; phillipmichaels@sbcglobal.net.